12 Ways the Dubai 2020 Expo Will Affect You


By SARAH SWAIN  Wednesday

1You can get a new job It’s estimated a huge 277,000 new jobs could be created in the region, including 111,000 in the hotel and restaurant sectors. Start getting your CV ready!

2. There’ll be more brunches It’s expected there’ll be more hotels built to cope with the 25 million visitors expected. That means more luxury places to hang out for us residents! And more brunches!

3. You’ll have more clothes “Retail is going to grow like crazy,” according to David Macadam, CEO and Vice Chairman at Middle East Council of Shopping Centres. Shop ’till you drop!

4. Everybody will want to visit you “A positive result would mean new people, new visitors and new interest in Dubai, with international coverage and global exposure,” says a report by property experts CBRE. Better get your pals to book their flights!

5You’ll be able to try the latest craze first Dubai could be home to some life-changing inventions. The Eiffel Tower, the telephone, ice cream and Heinz Tomato Ketchup were all created for previous Expos! What could be invented here? The mind boggles. But we’ll be the first to try it.

6. Rents might cause you drama. The big question. Will rents be pushed up? We fear they could. If your landlord does try to get more cash, visit www.dubailand.gov.ae and click on the rent calculator. It’ll tell you what you should be paying, and if your landlord doesn’t agree, you can complain to Real Estate Regulatory Agency (RERA). However property experts CRBE have put a positive spin on things. They’ve said possibility of winning the bid has already been factored into Dubai’s rising property prices. A constuction boom likely to be spurred by the event will mean there’ll be more to go around too. We really hope landlords won’t try to take advatage.

7. There’ll be shorter taxi queues and a better airport The Dubai Metro will get a new purple line extending to the Expo site, while there’ll also be a cable car and bus services to get there. Plus the new Al Maktoum International Airport at Dubai World Central (near Jebel Ali and way cheaper in a taxi than Dubai International) will surpass London Heathrow as the biggest in the world, with 160 million passengers per year. The Dubai Tram will also be finished, maing it easier for folks in the Marina to get to work. No more crazy taxi rides! More info