150 million year old dinosaur coming to Dubai Mall


Source:  http://www.timeoutdubai.com

Dubai developer Emaar has reportedly bought the remains of a 150 million year old dinosaur, which are set to be permanently displayed in Dubai Mall.

It is understood the remains of an adult dinosaur were recently discovered at Dan Quarry in Wyoming, USA, and it is the first time ever that bones from one individual were found in a sleeping position.

A source close to the deal said Emaar had paid ‘several million dollars’ for the dinosaur.

‘Emaar has been looking to do this for some time, it’s going to be something really spectacular. Bringing it to Dubai Mall is obviously a massive logistical challenge but is something currently underway. It could be only a matter of weeks before this is unveiled in Dubai Mall,’ a source told our reporter, adding: ‘The whole dinosaur has been painstakingly restored, and this will be the first ever time it is exhibited outside the US.’

At the time of writing, Emaar had not responded to queries on the matter from our reporter. More info

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