Delhi Metro riders happy with service, but say expansion work a hassle



New Delhi: The restrictions and curbs on traffic movement which are in place due to ongoing work for Phase-III of Delhi Metro are posing hassles and impediments for commuters, a recent survey has found.

1During a customer satisfaction survey conducted by Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) between May 15 and May 21 this year, commuters expressed concern over Metro construction- related restrictions.

In the survey, for the tackling of commuter-related aspects outside Metro stations, respondents gave it a 5.63 rating.

Giving its reaction in the matter, a DMRC spokesperson said today that “an action plan has already been prepared and the departments concerned have already been instructed to initiate remedial action.”

As per the survey, which was conducted at DMRC’s top 22 Metro stations in terms of ridership, commuters said they were largely satisfied with the quality of service.

The survey covered 1,09,188 respondents who were asked to rate the various aspects of the Metro service. The responses have ranged between excellent (10 points) to good (six).

On an average, commuters have given an 8.24 rating for information available at Metro stations, 8.13 for travel on Metro trains, 8.08 for the smart card facility, 8 on security and 7.83 for behaviour of customer care representatives and their alertness. More info