2 million expected in Downtown Dubai for NYE party


By Amira Agarib  www.khaleejtimes.com 

With about two million people expected in and around the Shaikh Mohammed Boulevard, The Dubai Mall and Burj Khalifa to watch the elaborate fireworks, the Dubai Police has appointed a special task force to keep things in order.

2Colonel Abdullah Khalifa Al Marri, head of the Event Security Committee and director of the Department of Protective Security at the Dubai Police, said 5,000 personnel from various government departments, including 200 firefighters and 30 fire engines will be on standby near the Burj Khalifa to help avoid any chaos during the elaborate celebrations. Also, CID officials will be available at 214 locations in the celebrations areas.

Al Marri said that preparations for the D-Day had started two months ago and included inspection of locations where firecrackers were stored and all the locations from where they will go off. He said that the Dubai Civil Defense has put comprehensive plans for intervention and dealing with all emergencies.

The Burj Khalifa has been fitted with 400,000 lights, in addition to other lights in the surrounding buildings ,

The police operation room will get direct footage from the 4,000 CCTV cameras covering the area, as it is quite a challenge to oversee not only the two million people gathered but also to ensure smooth movement of traffic in the area. More info

The Dubai Metro will be working round the clock starting from Thursday early morning and until 1am of Saturday. He said that Burj Khalifa station will be closed from 10pm. He called on public to use public transport and not to park on road shoulders.

Another official said 5,000 parking spaces around the Dubai Mall will be made available and 170 buses will shuttle people to the Burj Khalifa. He added that there 16 tents for emergency and first aid set up in the area.

NY arrangements in numbers

> 4,000 cameras to monitor celebrations

> 5,000 police officials will be available in addition to 400 volunteers

> 400,000 lights were placed in the Burj Khalifa, in addition to other lights in the surrounding buildings,

> 5,000 parking spaces around The Dubai Mall

> 170 buses will shuttle people to the Burj Khalifa