212,000 passengers ride Metro in first four days


    By Ashfaq Ahmed, Chief Reporter    www.gulfnews.com

    Dubai: Despite disruption of the train service due to some technical hiccups and ‘misuse’ of the system by passengers, the Dubai Metro received massive response from public during the first four days of its operation.

    “It was very encouraging to note that more than 38,000 people rode the Metro on Sunday which was the first working day of the week since the Metro was launched,” said Peyman Younus Parham, Director of Marketing and Corporate Communication at the Dubai Roads and Transport Authority (RTA). He said the Metro is currently running smoothly.

    According to RTA statistics, a total of 212,000 passengers used the Metro during the first four days of its operation. This included 67,000 passenger on September 10 (the first day), 45,000 on Friday (from 2pm to 12am), 64,000 on Saturday and 38,841 on Sunday. “These are very impressive numbers and it is now clear that commuters in Dubai love to use the public transport,” he added.

    Peyman said that there were a few instances of platform doors not opening but the Operations Control Centre fixed this and got them opened within one to five minutes.

    Meanwhile, commuters using public buses continued to face problems as many complained that they could not recharge Nol Cards while others said that ticket vending machines were not working.