24KT gold iPad lands in Dubai


By  Thomas Shambler  stuffmideast.com

If brandishing the latest and greatest iPad isn’t enough for you fashionable gadgeteers out there, Gold & Co, a London/Dubai based company, has a rather pricey solution: say hello to the world’s first gold-plated Apple iPad 3.

The Goldmember-friendly Apple slate will be displayed in Dubai Mall, before being auctioned off to charity. After that, only 249 will be available (a total of 250 were produced) so you’ll have to be quick to get your hands on one of these precious ‘pads.

Of course, anything with the words ‘gold-plated’ in the title is sure to boast a wallet-busting price, and this luxury gadget is no different. While a standard 64GB iPad Wi-Fi will set you back around about US$545, the 24KT version will cost a whopping US$4,599. More info