2,500 requests for parking permit for disabled approved


By Staff  www.emirates247.com

The Dubai Health Authority’s (DHA) General Medical Committee has approved more than 2,500 requests for special parking permits for people with disabilities, said a top health official.

2Dr Khaldoon Walid Nabhan, senior medical audit analyst and vice chairperson of the General Medical Committee (GMC) at the DHA said that from 2009 until 2015, the GMC has received 3,347applications, of which, they rejected 720 requests and approved 2,627 requests.

He informed that since 2015, the GMC has either approved or rejected the request within one working day.

“The Dubai government cares for people with disabilities and allocates the most convenient parking closest to buildings and ramps for them, provided they have the handicapped stickers on their cars,” he said.

“The stickers are issued free-of-cost by the RTA, provided the General Medical Committee approves the applicant’s request.

“Applicants submit the diagnosis of their disease and a report from the treating physician and based on each case, the GMC approves the request for a particular category.

“The RTA provides four kinds of stickers for people with disabilities depending on the category they fall under. The stickers are categorized as blue, red, green and yellow.

“Blue is for individuals who have permanent disabilities, red for temporary immobility which is limited to one year, green for vehicles belonging to organizations for people with disabilities and yellow for tourists with disabilities.” More info