250km per hour Superbus


Source:  www.paintandpanel.com.au

The first Dutchman in space has unveiled an innovative, sustainable and super-fast public transport system capable of speeding commuters to their destination at 250km/hour.

Dubai superbusThe Superbus was unveiled at the World Exhibition of the International Association of Public Transport in Dubai in April by Dutch astronaut Wubbo Ockels, who was a mission specialist on the Challenger and the first Dutch citizen in space.

Its light carbon fibre chassis and bodywork combine with low ground clearance and aerodynamic design to offer the benefits of a high-speed rail link with the flexibility of a car.

Low air resistance and an electric engine allows the 15m Superbus to emit less than half the amount of CO2 of a standard car.

Passengers call up Superbus via a text message or the internet. The routes can be flexible, as Superbus can either travel on high-speed tracks or  normal roads.

The 16 gullwing doors allow the maximum of 23 commuters who sit in luxury to get out without disturbing their fellow passengers.

More details are in the May/June issue of AP&P.

It is an interesting contrast to see what a student designs as green transport (see our ORIGIN story) and what an astronaut develops!

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