30% of all movement by public transport in Dubai by 2030


By Bindu Rai  www.emirates247.com

Public transport is expected to account for 30 per cent of all travel movement in Dubai by 2030, according to the UAE’s Minister of Climate Change and Environment.

2The figure was revealed by Dr Thani bin Ahmed Al Zeydoni at the ongoing Mena Transport Congress and Exhibition 2016, who revealed Dubai earned the title of hosting the largest number of privately registered vehicles in the UAE.

Dr Al Zeydoni stated the negative impact of this needed to be addressed, which could be remedied by a three-step UAE-wide plan.

He said: “The first step focuses on improving and constructing a modern and smart infrastructure capable of addressing the development needs and expansion plans of the transport sector.”

The second step focused on controlling the negative impact of the transport sector on the air quality and climate through national standards and controls of vehicular emissions and the use of green fuel.

He continued: “The third and most important step is revamping the public transport sector to make it more appealing to the community.

“This can be achieved by overhauling the transport sector with buses, trains, metros and trams and diffusing the culture of public transport use amongst its residents.” More info