35k NOL cards sold from Nov 11th to Dec 31st 2014


Source:  www.rta.ae

The number of NOL cards sold by the Roads and Transport Authority RTA in Dubai from the launch of the Dubai Tram service 11.11.2014 up to 31.12.2014 has touched 35 thousand cards used by public transport riders to travel on board the metro, tram and public buses.

The number of NOL cards issued to seniors, be it citizens or expatriates, has reached 145 cards during the same period.

Khaled Al Awadi, Director of Automated Fare Collections, RTA Technical Corporate Support Services Sector, said: “Selling this considerable number of different types of weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly NOL cards reveals that the objectives underlying the launch of these initiatives, such as easing the use of mass transit means and encouraging the public to use such modes through the provision of these cards, have started to materialize on the ground.

“The rising number of NOL cards acquired recently by the public is a testament to RTA’s success in forging closer links with the public through such a service, and this trend is indicative of the growth rates in public transport ridership as well as the use of RTA’s paid parking service,” added Al Awadi.

“The RTA is always keen on uplifting the caliber of services provided to meet customer needs and has recently embarked on broadening the use of NOL cards by adding Intercity Bus Service to NOL card payment portfolio. Moreover, the RTA is mulling the use of NOL cards in fields other than public transport uses such as light purchases using the prepaid purse stored in the account of the card,” he added.

The Director of Automated Fare Collections, RTA Technical Corporate Support Services Sector reiterated RTA’s relentless endeavours to provide a sophisticated fare system which is both accurate & efficient to ensure that it is used in an express and smooth manner in various mass transit modes by community segments, and entice additional numbers of the public to use these means such as the metro, public buses, water bus and the water taxi. More info

Public transport riders can visit NOL card portal www.nol.ae to avail of the information provided covering the types of cards among others.