3rd Dubai International Project Management Forum 2016 attracts broad-based sponsors

The Dubai International Project Management Forum (DIPMF), to be held by the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) during 22-25 October 2016, has attracted a wide range of sponsors from an array of different sectors at the local, regional and international levels.


The Dubai International Project Management Forum (DIPMF), to be held by the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) during 22-25 October 2016, has attracted a wide range of sponsors from an array of different sectors at the local, regional and international levels.

The lineup of sponsors represents economic, commercial and service organizations that boast of a long experience in their respective business domains. The DIPMF organized by RTA in cooperation with the Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA), Emaar Company and Project Management Institute (PMI).

Ms. Laila Faridoon, Executive Director of the Office of the Director-General and Chairman of the Board of Executive Directors of RTA cum Chairwoman of the Organizing Committee of the DIPMF, said, “Since its inception in 2014, the DIPMF has succeeded in attracting several project managers, specialists, ministers and sponsors from all over the world. The theme of this year’s edition (Shaping the Future) has a huge impact on the plans of businesses & entities aspiring to play a pivotal role in shaping the world’s future economic map.

“The third edition of the Forum has been privileged by six sponsors from Dubai Properties (strategic sponsor), Falconcity & Wonders (platinum sponsor), Al Rostamani Group (Gold Sponsor), in addition to three silver sponsors namely: Dubai Municipality, Al Shafar General Contracting Company, and Systra International,” added Faridoon.

“Attracting these sponsors representing a diverse cast of prominent local & global businesses with immense presence in project management will enrich this pioneering experience of the DIPMF; which started to reap benefits since inception. Sponsorships of these reputed entities and businesses will undoubtedly play a role in attracting additional participations from the region and beyond. Project Management is one of the important, if not the most important, aspects of supporting the development upswing seen by the UAE in general and Dubai in particular in all fields and levels,” she further noted.

Proud Sponsors

Mr. Abdulla M. Lahej, CEO – Dubai Properties Group (Strategic Sponsor of the Forum) said, “DP is pleased to support the Dubai International Project Management Forum 2016. The creation of flourishing destinations requires a track record of excellence in project delivery. At Dubai Properties (DP), we have over a decade of experience planning and developing a highly diverse portfolio of products that strategically respond to Dubai’s evolving market needs. Our industry expertise means that we are able to offer broad choice for end-users and investors in residential and commercial real estate, across the full spectrum of the market – from luxury high-end products to more affordable offerings. We look forward to the exchange of thematic best-practice ideas at this year’s forum, and to highlighting how smart project management of dynamic master-planned destinations contributes to shaping the future of Dubai.

Salem Almoosa, Chairman & CEO – Falconcity of Wonders LLC (Platinum Sponsor of the Forum) said, “The tranquil trade and fishing city that transformed itself into one of the world’s most modern cities holds places of pride for all who have come to know the land. Dubai’s pace of growth continues unabated and its innovative spirit has consistently and continually earned the admiration of the world. Dubai is in every sense a living wonder of the modern world; it is an ideal example of progress. A city driven by bold, inspired, and visionary leadership. The world’s admiration of Dubai has resulted in a steady and increasing stream of visitors and expatriates. Not a city to rest on its past ways, Dubai continues to innovate and break new ground in all spheres of development.

“A new project designed to engrave Dubai’s place in the minds and hearts of the world and its citizens is currently emerging and is called ‘Falconcity of Wonders’. This is the project that honors mankind through its various civilizations, a project that could inspire generations about the power of the human spirit. This is where the world will see its past, its present and its future. Falconcity of Wonders has been designed to resemble the national emblem. The falcon with its outstretched wings symbolizes the spirit of leadership, pride and excellent qualities that Falconcity of Wonders will embody. Falconcity will be a self-contained and multi-faceted residential, tourist and recreational destination formed after the wonders of the ancient and modern world,” added Almoosa.

Mr. Marwan Al Rostamani, Chairman of Al Rostamani (Gold Sponsor of the Forum), said, “It gives the Al Rostamani Group a great pride to participate in this prestigious event; the Dubai International Project Management Forum.  Dubai and the UAE, have always been at the forefront of innovative projects.  Dubai follows a futuristic outlook and has over the years managed successfully challenging projects.  It will continue to do so and we are proud to be part of this journey.”

Mr. Dawood Al Hajri, Assistant Director General of the Planning & Engineering Sector of Dubai Municipality, said that the Municipality’s participation as one of the event’s sponsors reflects its full commitment to the dissemination of the best practices in the field of project management. “Dubai is accustomed to being a leader in creative initiatives, innovative achievements and unique projects that have led it to great success and made it a global benchmark for performance indicators in various fields, in accordance with the vision and directives of H.H. Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates and Ruler of Dubai. This has contributed to the creation of an integrated environment through which Dubai has reinforced its status as a global center for finance, business, tourism, and the ‘green’ economy.

He also pointed out that the third edition of the forum, which is organized by the Roads and Transport Authority, proves that Dubai with all its integrated solutions, various systems and distinguished world-class services in urban planning and infrastructure, is the most appropriate and preferred place for hosting such an important global gathering.

Al Hajri said that the devotion to all people dealing with the Municipality did not emerge out of nowhere but was rather nurtured through an integrated system of strategies drawn up for all the departments of the Municipality. Given the fact that the development and beautification of the city and the achievement of environmental sustainability through the design and construction projects of the Municipality’s General Projects Department are an integral part of this system, the Department helps please customers through several mechanisms and work methods.

“These include conducting a preliminary study of the  project which starts with collecting the requirements of the beneficiaries / customers and committing to meeting them through proper building design and proceeds to considering the use of advanced systems and technologies during the design phase;  complying with the Green Buildings guide and sustainability standards in order to  reduce operating costs; and actively involving the beneficiaries / customers in the final approval of the project design as well as  in the initial and final reception of the building.”

“Furthermore, certificates for the initial and final reception of the project issued only after addressing all the concerns noted by the beneficiaries / customers, as buildings are designed and constructed by consultants and contractors whose performances are constantly evaluated. Cooperation with the beneficiaries / customers in all building-related issues must be upheld throughout the facility’s entire life cycle,” added Al Hajri.

Mr. Bishoy Azmy, CEO of Al Safar General Contracting Company (ASGC), the Silver Sponsor of the Forum, said, “Dubai is one of the driving construction markets in the world and RTA is putting the city on track by hosting one of the biggest International Project Management events. ASGC believes that excellence in Project Management improves greatly the delivery of the projects and exceeds client’s expectations.

The competence in project management has the remarkable results in winning a number of the landmark projects. In line with this vision, we are adapting the latest technologies in construction and recent trends in Project Management to achieve overall Dubai vision to lead the construction industry around the globe.”

Mr. Pierre Verzat SYSTRA CEO, said, “To make the journey of millions of people unforgettable, the government of Dubai envisions transport infrastructure that reflects the city’s architectural ambition. Both the Dubai metro and the Dubai tram carry this ambition. SYSTRA is proud to put its experience of rail systems and high-tech infrastructure at the service and delivery of this ambition. More info

Source:  www.rta.ae