4 optical shops approved to offer licence renewals


Staff Report  www.gulfnews.com

Dubai: Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has approved four optical shops for renewal of drivers’ licences as part of its effort to provide more options to customers.

The RTA’s Licensing Agency said that it had approved four optical shops providing driver’s licence eye tests to also renew the driver’s licence at the same time if the clients wished.

Barakat Optical, Grand Optics, Magrabi Optical and Yateem Optician are the companies that have been approved to renew driver’s permits.

Trusted agents

These companies provide over 50 centres in Dubai where clients can renew their driver’s licences when they have their vision tested. The licence renewal now takes only minutes to complete, officials said.

The move is in line with RTA’s efforts to increase their service network by employing trusted agents. Sultan Al Marzouqi, director of Drivers Licensing, said that an eye test is required to renew a licence. It made sense to use a trusted agent or optician to have the licence renewed at the same time so that there was no need for people to visit RTA, he said.

“Other opticians continue to provide eye tests for driver’s licences but they cannot renew a driver’s licence. In this case people would still need to go to RTA for their licence,” he added.