40 UAE Nationals join DUBAL’s 2011 Summer Training Programme


Source:  www.albawaba.com

The Recruitment Programme at Dubai Aluminium Company Limited (DUBAL) has launched its annual Summer Training Programme — an initiative that aims to improve understanding of the aluminum industry’s workings amongst young UAE Nationals while providing training in business ethics and practices.

DUBAL’s 2011 Summer Programme trainees with Recruitment department personnelDUBAL’s 2011 Summer Programme trainees with Recruitment department personnel
DUBAL’s 2011 Summer Programme trainees with Recruitment department personnel

Marwan Al Sawaleh (General Manager: Human Resources) advises that this year’s intake, which comprises a group of 40 secondary and tertiary UAE National students began the five-week programme on Sunday 26 June. “While at DUBAL, the youngsters be exposed to a real-life working environment, through which they will not only acquire technical and practical skills but also mature as individuals,” he says.

As in prior years, DUBAL’s 2011 Summer Training Programme participants were selected from several educational institutions throughout the UAE. The group comprises both male and female students, 30 of who are from high schools and 10 from colleges or universities. It also includes university students on DUBAL’s Scholarship Programme who are contractually bound to work at DUBAL for the summer vacation periods throughout the duration of their funded studies (and for an equivalent number of years thereafter), thereby enhancing their understanding of their future roles within the organization.

“Our Summer Training Programme reflects DUBAL’s commitment to fulfil the strategy of DUBAL which believes that improving individual UAE Nationals’ skills, is key to accelerating the prosperity of the entire nation,” adds Al Sawaleh. “We also use the programme to identify the students with the most potential, in keeping with our long-term goal to increase the proportional Emiratization in DUBAL. Many previous summer students currently hold senior positions within DUBAL, where more than 70 per cent of executive management positions are currently held by UAE Nationals.”

DUBAL’s Recruitment department welcomed the 2011 Summer Training Programme participants at a special ceremony, which included an orientation session where the students were given a comprehensive and in-depth introduction to DUBAL’s major operations, including insight into its facilities (through a plant tour and viewing of DUBAL’s educational film) and familiarization regarding the company’s safety policies and procedures. The trainees also received copies of a Summer Training Programme booklet, containing general and useful information to facilitate their time at DUBAL and maximise their experience.

Each of the 40 trainees has been assigned to one of DUBAL’s various divisions, depending on their respective qualifications, educational standards and relevant skills. For example, students with a business background have been allocated to departments in the administrative area, including human resources, training, marketing & sales, and finance. While at DUBAL, the students will also receive instruction on technical operations, as well as courses in administration. In addition, commuter travel on the Dubai Metro has been facilitated through DUBAL-arranged transportation for Summer Training Programme students between DUBAL’s main gate and the metro station at IBN Battuta mall.

“The Summer Training Programme receives the whole-hearted support of our departments,” concludes Al Sawaleh, “Not only do they accommodate as many students as they respectively can, but they also commit to and deliver a proper training plan to the students. In addition, they assign mentors to the students and provide regular follow-up feedback to our Recruitment department. The overall process ensures that the students learn as much as possible from DUBAL, thus ensuring that our investment in their education is fruitful.”