68 offences reported against metro users


Source: www.rta.ae

Rail Agency at Roads & Transport Authority (RTA) has issued 68 offence tickets to Dubai Metro commuters within 20 days as of the date of launching the metro service on September 9 across 10 stations on the Red Line.

“As part of the attention to streamline the functioning of Dubai Metro 68 offence tickets have been issued under seven clauses, namely: using the transport modes, facilities and services or entering /exiting fare zones without paying the due fare (accounted for 28 offences), using an invalid card (26 offences), eating and drinking in prohibited areas (7 offences), and placing feet on seats (3 offences), in addition to one offence for failure to present the Nol card on demand, and smoking inside public transport means, facilities and services.

“Fines & Offences Code comprises 31 articles with fines ranging from 100 dirham to 2000 dirham; which include the use of public transport modes and services, or entering/exiting the fare zones without paying the prescribed fare; an offence that carries a 200 dirham fine. Offences list also include destroying, sabotaging or tampering with the systems, tools or seats of public transport modes, or undermining the convenience of public transport users in any form, which draws a 100-dirham fine. Examples of other offences include failure to comply with the instructions or disrupting the business of RTA inspectors or persons authorized by the RTA (200 dirham fine), entering or sitting in places designated for special categories (100 dirham fine), and eating & drinking at prohibited places (100 dirham fine).

In another development, Peyman stated that metro commuters have hit 44,873 passengers on Tuesday (September 29th) across the ten stations of Dubai Metro.