6th online number plate auction fetches 2.1m dirham


Source:  www.rta.ae

The sixth online number plate auction recently held by the Licensing Agency, Roads & Transport Authority (RTA) through RTA website has attracted huge attention with the number of participants hitting 119 persons hailing from various nationalities, categories and age groups among community members interested in buying number plates online.

500 vehicle licensing plates of Category K were offered in the auction and the total proceeds of the auction, which continued for a week, amounted to AED2,147,100.

The Director of Vehicle Licensing, RTA Licensing Agency Mohammed Abdul Kareem Nimaat, commented on the online auction saying: “The sixth online auction has realized our aspirations in delivering online services to customers who are always keen on participating in these auctions held from time to time. The online service of selling vehicle number plates is still commanding the attention of customers and involves tough competition between them in an environment offering highly equitable & multiple chances as evidenced from the growing number of participants in the online auctions.

“The concerned staffs in the Numbers Section are keen on maintaining the supply & demand levels in a way matching to the market & customers needs through offering licensing plates of 4 and 5-digits which have high probability of availability.

The number plate “K 12300” was the auction topper selling for AED20,100 followed by “K 12012” which was sold for AED12,800 finishing ahead of the plate “K 12321” which was exchanged for AED12,100.

“The sixth online number plate auction was a success as it effectively contributed to boosting the importance of these auctions; offering us a clear view of how to continually improve these auctions frequently in response to the wishes of customers interested in online auctions more than open auctions. The next online auction will be held during Ramadan on 5 August and will last for three days only,” said the Director of Vehicles Licensing in a final remark.