72 number plates auction fetches AED16.9m


    Source:  www.rta.ae

    The 72nd Distinguished Number Plates Auction recently held by the Licensing Agency, Roads & Transport Authority (RTA), at RTA Auditorium was hugely popular as it witnessed the participation of various community segments, fetching total proceeds amounting to 16.913 million dirham.

    According to Abdul Kareem Nimaat, Director of Vehicle Licensing, RTA Licensing Agency, 115 number plates were sold in this Auction which included all plate categories, be it for vehicles or motorcycles. About 67 bidders were keen to maintain effective & continuous participation in RTA-held auctions and the number K – 50 was the best seller in the Auction as it fetched 1.5 million dirham.

    “Similarly, the Plate: I – 26 was sold for 1.3 million dirham, the binary number G – 36 was exchanged for 1.14 million dirham, the three-digit plate K – 999 was sold for 710 thousand dirham and the four-digit plate K – 1111 was sold for 900 thousand dirham,” said Nimaat.

    “The said open Auction was skillfully managed by the Emirati national Mohammed Rashid Al Ali, Director General of Orasia Auctioneers whose first-ever participation added a touch of class to the proceedings of the auction and was well received by bidders who were relieved to note that an Emirati has been able to master this profession in a skilful, interesting and immaculate manner, and has a keen interest in training individuals interested in pursuing auctioneer career.

    “The Licensing Agency is making expeditious efforts to hold public or online auctions and is currently planning for holding the 73rd Open Auction next September. In the meantime online auctions will be activated over the next period in order to enable individuals interested in buying distinguished number plates acquiring them smoothly in a hassle-free environment pending such a time open auctions are held.