Online transaction must for firms from next year: RTA


By Shafaat Ahmed

DUBAI — Bulk online registration of commercial vehicles will be made compulsory for all companies, as the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) draws up various policies to make motorists use its e-services for various transactions.

The RTA, earlier this year, launched a unique online service for owners of commercial vehicles, called bulk registration, wherein a company can register all its vehicles due for registration at one go, by the single click of a button.

The authorities even carried out pilot projects with a number of companies with large fleets just to demonstrate the benefits of the service. However, not many firms have utilised the service so far, prompting RTA to make it compulsory for large fleet owners to use the bulk service.

“We are thinking of a number of policies to make sure people use as many of our online services as possible, so that the traffic at the RTA customer service centres is low. Bulk transaction service is one of the best systems,  and we are thinking of making it compulsory for commercial vehicles to use this service from next year,” said Ahmed Hashem Bahrozyan, speaking exclusively with Khaleej Times. The system was introduced to save the companies as well as the common man from a lot of hassles.

“Large fleet owners like rent-a-car companies, taxi companies or transport providers mostly have dozens of vehicles with the same date of registration. When they bring these vehicles for registration they block the counters at customer care centres for hours together causing problems for common customers,” explained Bahrozyan.

Bahrozyan added that using online transaction is helpful for both private as well as commercial vehicles as people can get their transactions done at the click of a button while avoiding long queues.

“It is particularly helpful for commercial owners as they can select a number of vehicles that are due for registration and then process the transaction online. They will get an acknowledgment of the transaction and within two to three days the registration card would be delivered at their doorsteps,” he added.

He also said that online transaction is both safer and smoother and since RTA has 93 per cent of its services online, people should try and make use of these.