A campaign to examine time allotted to driving lessons


Source:  www.rta.ae

RTA’s Licensing Agency has recently run an inspection campaign targeting driving institutes and centers in Dubai to verify their compliance with the rules & regulations applicable at the RTA.

2The site crackdown was particularly focused on verifying the compliance with the actual time allotted to driving lessons. The move constitutes an integral part of various inspection campaigns regularly made by the Agency during the course of the year.

Ahmed Bahrozyan, CEO of RTA’s Licensing Agency said: “the Monitoring & Enforcement Department is working tirelessly through a specialist team to realize its vision of: Excellence in Monitoring & Enforcement. For this sake, diverse inspection campaigns have been launched targeting driving institutes & centers to monitor their performance & commitment to the timely start and end of driving lessons.

The campaign also sought to examine the commitment of instructors to registering such information in driving lessons card, and acknowledging the delivery of the prescribed lesson by both the instructor and the learner. The step was also intended to make institutes & instructors aware of the ongoing inspection campaigns obliging them to a year-round compliance with the policies of the Agency. It was also intended to ensure that the appropriate service content is delivered to the learner rather than wasting time in side chats; a step bound to raise the traffic awareness of trainees.

 “The campaigns concluded to mixed results and identified areas open to potential improvements in future where institutes were obliged to implement them. Such inspection campaigns are extremely important as they directly contribute positively to detecting numerous negatives and revealing observations to be addressed.

They also help maximize positives, and enhance the efficiency & capabilities of inspectors towards raising the bar on the performance in a way that realizes the strategic objectives of the RTA,” added Bahrozyan. More info