Abu Dhabi Al Salam tunnel set to open soon


By Staff  www.emirates247.com

A Dh5 billion project involving one of the Middle East’s longest traffic tunnels is expected to be inaugurated before the end of this year after a delay of more than two years because of technical snags. 

Al Salam project involved the construction of a 3-km underpass which is linked to network of roads stretching more than 20 km linking Sheikh Zayed Bridge at the eastern entrance of the capital to Mina Zayed at northwest tip of the city.

Officials, quoted by the Arabic language daily Alittihad, said nearly 98 per cent of the project has been completed and the rest would be finished next month.

“The tunnel will be operated on a trial basis after the completion of the remaining two per cent at the end of next month…the process is needed to test the requirements and preparedness of all concerned authorities for the safe operation of the tunnel, including the civil defence, Abu Dhabi police, the Department of Transport and otherestablishments,” the official said. More info