Abu Dhabi. Public transport must be flexible


Source:  www.gulfnews.com

Abu Dhabi is rapidly growing to become a major metropolitan centre, and it badly needs a better transport network, which will end the misery of today’s gridlocks. This is the importance of the 2030 plans for a low-carbon network of public transport, including buses and trams, metro system, regional railways and a ferry link to Dubai.

ABU DHABI | Etihad Towers
ABU DHABI | Etihad Towers

These plans will also meet the city authorities’ determination to build a more sustainable future, which would discourage the car culture that dominates in today’s UAE, and promote a more cooperative and productive use of energy.

Abu Dhabi city will continue to expand rapidly. The new government district of Capital City on the mainland close to the Maqta Bridge, and the islands of Saadiyat and Hodariyat to become populated and built up, are only three districts yet to come on stream.

A strong and flexible public transport network will be essential.