Abu Dhabi Residents Too Wait for 09-09-09


    ABU DHABI — Abu Dhabi residents who frequently travel to Dubai commended the newly announced fares of the Dubai Metro and look forward to September when the rail transport mode starts operations. 


    According to the announced Dubai Metro fares, the minimum fare for up to three kilometres will be Dh1.80 and maximum fare for a single journey with a prepaid card will be Dh5.80.

    For those using paper tickets, the minimum will be Dh2 and the maximum Dh6.50.

    “The fares are reasonable. (Fares for) the public bus (service) in Dubai is about the same as metro’s but that is with traffic congestion. Dh1.80 (for the metro) is okay especially since it will be a smooth flow,” said Percy Atienza, a Filipino national.

    The 58-year-old logistics executive who travels to Dubai once a week said he plans to leave his car at the designated metro parking.

    “It is safer to leave my car and cut my destination (to places) along the rail to avoid traffic and congestion,” he added.

    Indian national Sooraj Manimangalam said he travels to Dubai once a week to visit family and friends and he usually takes the bus going there.

    “It is definitely better compared to taking taxi, which is very costly in Dubai. I will definitely take the metro,” he said.

    The 25-year-old account executive also commended the passes that can be used on trips on the Dubai Metro and public buses.

    Sheila Uy, a 36-year-old administrator, said: “The fare(s) is very good. I will surely take the train when I go to Dubai in future. It is more convenient than driving to Dubai. Besides being free of traffic, you’re not tired (on the metro), you don’t have to look for a parking, you will not get fined and also you don’t have to pay Salik.”

    The Filipina said she goes to Dubai twice a month, but with the availability of the metro, she may visit the emirate more often in future.

    “The fares are reasonable but they are not applicable for us who are coming from Abu Dhabi. It is helpful for those working in Jebel Ali, especially since I could reach Dubai within 20 minutes by car from the free zone,” said Ramzi Hamaoui, a 26 year-old Lebanese shop manager who frequents Dubai twice a week.

    For Indian housewife Karen D’Souza, the Dubai Metro prices are very fair. “They are pretty reasonable. Although I rely on my own transport to go to Dubai, this (metro) is a more efficient way to travel.”

    “It helps one cover a great deal of distance for a short period of time. For the large mass of people who don’t want to rely on buses or taxis, this is an efficient option on the economic standpoint. You could (also) reach your destination at a fair amount of time. This is definitely a good investment,” she said.

    Metro services start on September 9 this year.

    www.khaleejtimes.com    Olivia Olarte    26 June 2009