Abu Dhabi, Sharjah People Hope for Metro Extension


    By Olivia Olarte   www.khaalejtimes.com

    ABU DHABI — While Dubai residents celebrated the opening of the Dubai Metro, which is expected to solve many of the traffic woes, people in Abu Dhabi are also excited about this newest mode of transportation.

    Ali Dalati, a PR consultant, said, “It’s about time. We have the world’s tallest building, we might as well have a decent transportation system. This will definitely solve the congestion problem and bring people back to Dubai. It is definitely good news for those who live in Abu Dhabi but work in Dubai and have to travel to Dubai daily. They’ll just have to park their car at the mall and take the train from there.”

    Wassim Barbara, a media buying executive in Abu Dhabi who drives to Dubai every weekend, has commended the launch of the Metro and said he will probably take the train in future. “I will drive there and park my car at the Metro parking. I heard that you can use their parking for free if you’re using the Metro,” he said.

    However, he suggested that it would be more beneficial if the Metro is be extended to Abu Dhabi and Sharjah.

    Isabelle Le Bon-Poonoosamy, a philanthropist and charity groups executive has also expressed a similar hope.

    “The road from Abu Dhabi to Dubai is quite dangerous, I hope they also link Abu Dhabi to Dubai by train so that we are not separated by this dangerous road. We’ll be closer and it will save us time,” she said. “It’s a magnificent step to launch something like the Metro while the other countries are struggling with the economic crisis,” commended Thomas Ulherr, a catering manager.

    “Apparently, it is more than just a Metro, it’s a place to visit as well with the landmarks such as the gold commemorative coin in the main area of the (DIFC) station and a time capsule (at Union Square). That I am interested in seeing,” Ulherr said adding that he will take out time to try the metro “very soon”. “I also hope that this will ease the daily traffic, particularly during the rush hour,” he added.

    Milanie Manalo, fashion consultant, said she drives to Dubai regularly, but with the Metro, it will become easier. “I plan to buy a Metro card and take the train in future. It is easier to park my car at the first station and take the train onwards, especially when I’ve worked through the night due to inventory,” she said.