Accused denies groping woman on Dubai Metro escalator


By Eman Al Baik

An Indian worker is facing trial on charges of groping a woman on the escalator of one of the Dubai Metro stations.

The 40-year-old Indian woman told the court that the incident took place in March at the Jebel Ali Metro station.

She testified that she felt the man drawing his body unnecessarily close to hers on the escalator. “I was angry and turned towards him. In the process, I lost balance but I did not fall. However, he grabbed my right hand, which I quickly pulled back. Then he groped my top and I shouted loudly. People gathered around us and the police was called.”

However, the 26-year-old defendant denied the accusations testifying that he slipped on the escalator. “I slipped and lost balance and bumped into her. Under the impact when she fell, I quickly held her hand to help her up. I did not intent to molest her.”

The court will hand out its verdict on July 21. More info