Advanced booking of taxis in Dubai


ByM. v Leijen

Booking a taxi in advance can be an advantage. You might not want to risk the wait, and be sure of the time of the arrival. Or you might just be a planner, and would not like to leave certain things until the end.

In either case, there are chances of commuters being disappointed as advanced booking is not always possible in Dubai.

During peak hours, prior booking of taxis is not an option, according to Road and Transport Authority (RTA’s), Booking and Dispatch Center. In between morning 7am and 10am and evening 5pm and 8pm no taxis will be booked at any other time than ‘right now’.

Youssef Al Ali, CEO of Public Transportation Authority, RTA, said, “It is always possible to book a taxi for immediate use. However, advanced booking is only available outside peak hours.”

Furthermore, RTA advises on its Twitter page that when making a pre-booking, this should ideally be done two hours or more before the taxi is needed, so the service can be guaranteed.

“To book a taxi in advance is a service, isn’t it? It is an advantage to the customer to know that the taxi will arrive at a certain time, and there are no extra costs involved. However, during peak hours we cannot guarantee that a taxi will arrive at a certain time, so this service has been eliminated,” said Al Ali. More info