Aims installs iMap2 at The Dubai Mall



Advanced Interactive Media Solutions (Aims), the GCC market leader in digital signage solutions, recently finished the installation of iMap 2; the latest version of the interactive way-finding and mapping system, in The Dubai Mall.

With the installation, Aims has completed the upgrade from iMap 1, which the company had previously installed in more than 100 kiosks within the mall.

The self-service, touch-screen interactive kiosks provide visitors with a quick and simple way of searching for a desired destination within the mall with least interaction with staff members, a statement from Aims said.

It enables visitors to search for brands and shop names by alphabetical order or by category.

The upgraded iMap 2 has an interface that can be configured to show a specific starting location and also allows the user to search for a selected destination while showing an animated path to it. More info