Al Futtaim Motors named Platinum Sponsor of DAST



The Roads & Transport Authority (RTA) considers sponsors of the Dubai Award for Sustainable Transport (DAST) as partners in the success made by the Award since launched in 2008 in view of the material & moral support provided, rendering the Award capable of making excellent progresses and broadening its reach to cover government and semi-government entities as well as private businesses across the UAE rather than being just confined to Dubai Emirate; which in turn consolidated the sustainable transport concepts in the UAE.

A statement to this effect was made in the meeting that brought together the Chairperson of DAST Organizing Committee Dr. Khalid Mohammed Al Zahid with the Managing Director of Al Futtaim Motors Simon Frith, General Manager of Fleet Development Alan Carpenter, and Corporate Sales Manager Munir Hassan in addition to several members of DAST Organizing Committee. The meeting was held in RTA Head Office to unveil the naming of Al Futtaim Motors as Platinum Sponsor of the Award through committing a sum of 1.5 million dirham.

The Chairperson of DAST Organizing Committee Dr. Khalid Al Zahid received from Al Futtaim Motors, in their capacity as Platinum Sponsor of DAST, a cheque made to the amount in question to be deposited in the account of the Award’s activities.

Al Zahid expressed his deep thanks and appreciation for this kind gesture on the part of Al Futtaim Motors; which was keen on making active participation to the Award since inception. He considered them as part of RTA strategic partners as they play a vital & crucial role in the success of the Award, adding that without their unshakable conviction in the superb objectives of the Award in the field of sustainable transport, they would not have come to its support and sponsorship.

“We pay tribute to the expeditious efforts made by private businesses in pushing ahead the national economy and contributing effectively to the initiatives made by the RTA and government agencies such as DAST. The RTA was keen on involving government and quasi-government entities as well as private institutions in the Award from day one, and on the other hand it made every endeavour to overhaul the Award mechanism such that it spans all entities and companies operating in the UAE, not only in Dubai Emirate,” said Al Zahid.

“Through all initiatives taken, the RTA seeks to broaden and enhance the cooperation and bilateral relations with public and semi-public agencies together with the business community not only in Dubai but across the entire emirates of the UAE. Such initiatives are reflected in forging permanent partnerships aimed to realize social and humanitarian objectives as reflected in delivering enhanced services at world-class standards in a bid to ensure decent living for the UAE populace spanning citizens, residents and tourists in keeping with the high standing enjoyed by the UAE not only at the regional level but also across the globe,” added the Chairperson of DAST Organizing Committee.

For his part the Managing Director of Al Futtaim Motors Simon Frith admired the rapid progress made by the Award in the past four editions, and the achievements made in the field of sustainable transport throughout the UAE through caring & showcasing the advanced contributions made by public and private agencies in this score.

“Al Futtaim Motors is proud to be associated with the 5th edition of the Dubai Award for Sustainable Transport as a Platinum Sponsor; which is viewed as a small contribution from our Company compared to the immense efforts made or being made by the RTA in providing advanced mass transit network and superb infrastructure that made Dubai a top-notch cosmopolitan city and leader of advancement in the region in this line of industry. Despite all challenges & difficulties encountered, the RTA managed to overcome them, thanks to its highly potent top management and huge efforts made by its work teams,” added Frith.

Dr. Al Zahid also expressed his thanks and gratitude for the huge support accorded to the Award by H.E. Mattar Al Tayer, Chairman of the Board and Executive Director of the RTA.

“In response to the directives of H.E. Mattar Al Tayer, we are working on the implementation of the Award’s principles and strategies in encouraging all initiatives bound to have a positive effect on the environment and all spectrums of the community, as well as those capable of bringing about a radical change in the daily mobility of Dubai residents in a bid to achieve the required improvements and realize our cherished objectives,” he continued. More info