Al Tayer honours best-achieving departments



His Excellency Mattar Al Tayer, Chairman of the Board and Executive Director of the Roads & Transport Authority (RTA) has recently decorated the Best-Achieving RTA Departments in the biannual RTA Excellence Forum, where the winning departments are honoured based on an in-house performance assessment regime aligned with the standards of the Dubai Government Excellence Program (DGEP), in the presence of a host of CEOs and Directors of the RTA.

Al Tayer decorated five Departments at the level of the RTA where the Traffic Department at Traffic & Roads Agency clinched the first position for the second time running, showing a significant performance improvement; leapfrogging from the 33rd psition in 2008 to the 8th position in 2009 and moving on to top RTA departments in 2010 and 2012. The Development and Corporate Performance Dep’t at the Strategy & Corporate Governance Sector finished second, followed by the Assets Dep’t at the Corporate Technical Support Services Sector.

The Internal Audit Dep’t at the Office of the Chairman of the Board and Executive Director went a step back to finish fourth after filling the third spot in the previous round in 2011, and the Fleet Operation Dep’t at the Dubai Taxi Corporation finished in the fifth position.

Al Tayer also knighted the departments with the most progressive performance where the Commercial & Investment Dep’t finished first in this league showing a remarkable improvement as much as 44 per cent, next came the Transportation Systems Dep’t posting an equally eye-catching improvement of about 43 per cent, followed by the Marketing & Corporate Communication Dep’t recording in the process an improvement rate of 41 per cent to finish third. The fourth position was held by the Maintenance & Services Dep’t with an improvement rate of 25 per cent, and the Buildings and Facilities Dep’t finished in the fifth position. The list of honourees also included members of the Self-Assessment Team.

In a statement to mark the occasion, Al Tayer reiterated RTA’s keenness to develop distinguished national leaders at various job levels, adding that over the past five years the RTA provided all forms of support and resources, undertook development projects and adopted various encouragement and motivational methods to nurture and qualify effective national leaders at every workplace and organizational level.

“Since inception, the RTA made several achievements and successes including the launch of the Strategic Transportation Plan 2020, constructing & operating both the Red and Green Lines of the Dubai Metro, designing & constructing a network of roads, bridges and crossings, improving the land & marine public transit systems, and establishing a corporate system for identifying and analyzing risks.

“The next phase warrants focusing on three key drivers; the first one is paying more attention to upgrading the caliber of services to customers, clients and strategic partners, the second one is to raise employees satisfaction rating, and the third one is to optimize the consumption and raise the efficiency. It is imperative to make the economizing on the use of resources a culture & business methodology of the RTA in future, besides ensuring top quality of products & services delivered must be a target of every employee,” said Al Tayer in a concluding remark.

For his part Abdul-Mohsin Ibrahim Younes, CEO of Strategy & Corporate Governance Sector, said: “To culminate the success of the inaugural Excellence Forum in 2011 in leveraging departments to embrace the standards of the Dubai Government Excellence Program, the Forum will be held on annual basis starting from this year. From day one the RTA was keen to adopt the DGEP model as a tool to enhance the government sector, diffuse excellence, innovation & quality concepts, share the best administrative & professional practices, and motivate government employees across the board.”

Engineer Maitha bin Udai, CEO of Traffic & Roads Agency, was delighted to see the Traffic Department scooping the first position for the second time running, adding that such achievement was a natural result of the successful steps taken by the Dep’t in the past.

“This achievement is a cause for optimism and committing more efforts, particularly as it came at the very start of the current year. It also prompts other departments of the Agency to start early on this year with a view to finishing up in leading positions,” she added. More info