Al Tayer honours winners of RTA Creativity Week



H.E. Mattar Al Tayer, Chairman of the Board and Executive Director of the Roads & Transport Authority (RTA), has recently decorated the winners of the Develop Your Idea contest as well as the participants & organizers in the inaugural edition of RTA Creativity Week held under the theme:

Make a Habit Not to Do a Routine; which is an adage floated by HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, in a dialogue held at the sidelines of the Government Summit held early this year. This axiom epitomizes the philosophy, thoughts and methodology adopted by HH in life; which made him stand out as an innovative leader at the world level.

Al Tayer announced that a Creativity Day will be designated where innovators contributing creative ideas for the RTA will be honoured. He stated that the Creativity Week was held in the context of RTA’s efforts to nurture a work environment conducive to creativity, and to boost the culture of innovative thinking among employees. “The RTA has set creativity and innovation as part & parcel of its priorities in achieving and sustaining excellence, and in the course of this drive, the RTA launched a host of programs and initiatives that included RTA Scientific Research Award, Employees Suggestion System, RTA Library, Knowledge Week, and the Creativity Club,” he stated.

“These programs and initiatives have contributed to the implementation of a myriad of projects and the launch of innovative services. Examples of these include the Floating Bridge project, toll gates system (Salik), Nol card, smart licensing services, payment of fares through smart phones, smart taxi service, journey planner (Wojhati) for smart mobility all over Dubai Emirate among other unique projects that add to the galaxy of RTA’s innovative projects portfolio. The RTA will proceed ahead with the launch of innovative services under the drive of the Dubai towards the smart Government and city where an integrated innovation management strategy has recently been endorsed by the RTA,” added Al Tayer.

At the end of the ceremony Al Tayer, honored the winners in various categories of the competitions, where Ms. Abeer Al Bannai and Mohammed Shaqra clinched the first position in the Lego Contest (Develop Your Idea), along with Osama Hussein Al Najjar who also came first in the Creativity Contest, followed by Iad Abdul Razzaq as a runner-up and Arif Zain Al Zarouni who came third. Al Tayer also honored Ms. Muna Al Usaimi in the Special Category, for the idea of establishing the Union Museum.

The honorees also included strategic partners of Creativity Club, namely the General Headquarters of Dubai Police, Dubai Electricity and Water Authority, Dubai Municipality, National Transport Authority, and the Land and Property Department, in addition to honouring the supporters of the Creativity Club viz. Wipro Limited, Al Ahli Driving Centre, Emirates Driving Institute, IBM, and Ethos Consulting Group.

Al Tayer also paid tribute to Go Glocal, Educational Consulting and Microsoft Corp for sponsoring the contests of Creativity Week, besides honoring Ahmed Majan nicknamed UAE Edison, and Mohammed Al Shamsi, in addition to the competitions’ Jury Panels and the Creativity Week Organizing Committee.

It is note-worthy that the Creativity Week comprised a collection of events including the Innovation Corner to showcase RTA’s innovation strategy, and a training workshop entitled Challenge Your Mind for RTA employees and members of the Creativity Club about the skills of innovative thinking during which ideas have been developed to tackle RTA’s strategic issues and challenges.

The Week also included the Creativity Cinema where the film named ‘One Last Thing’ of Steve Jobs, Founder of Apple company, was presented in addition to an Innovation Race comprising visual presentations relating to ideas for revamping electronic systems and smart phone apps, Develop Your Idea contest, and a showcase of innovative RTA projects. More info