Al Tayer inaugurates RTA Data Center



HE Mattar Al Tayer, Chairman of the Board and Executive Director of the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA), has recently inaugurated RTA’s Corporate Data Center Building.

The state-of-the-art facility boasts of sophisticated infrastructure and provides central IT services to technological and governance agencies to the highest international standards & specifications in a way that ensures continuity of services as well as the sustainability of technological systems at the present and in future.

Al Tayer heeded to a briefing from Abdullah Al Madani, CEO of RTA Corporate Technical Support Services Sector, and Abdullah Al Bastaki, Director of RTA Information Technology, about the Center, which has got all the requirements that ensure the business continuity through depending on indigenous resources including multiple & alternative energy sources, generators and advanced eco-friendly power devices fitted with the cutting-edge automated systems. The Center also has dashboards, tracking devices, and thermal sensors, along with a sophisticated, integrated corporate security system, data transmission lines for high-speed service providers, internal networking accessories, server cabins and specialist flooring.

Explaining the features of the Center, Al Madani said: “The Center currently has integrated infrastructure for corporate electronic network systems, together with the hardware and software related to central information security, integrated data storage devices, integrated corporate network link and advanced central systems to ensure durability of servers & continuity of services as well as electronic systems.”

Commenting on the facility Al Tayer said, “The RTA’s Corporate Data Center is equipped with the highest technical and security specifications compatible with the World’s 3rd Level of Operational Services and technological competencies to ensure continuity & efficiency of high-level services. RTA’s Corporate Data Center runs sensitive technological systems and Smart Government applications that facilitate the transmission & integration of data among them and with various technological services at the existing data centers, thus streamlining the delivery of electronic and smart government services for the RTA’s or at the level of the Dubai city at large.”

“The Corporate Data Center acts as sophisticated & smart data storage facility tailored to match world-class standards and fitted with the latest security systems customized to serve the RTA and the entire Dubai as well as the whole nation & citizens at present and in future. The Center will also serve as a core of the Smart City & Government scheme since it fulfills the needs of RTA’s unified Control Center in a technically advanced and integrated platform,” he added.

“The Center, continues Al Tayer, is one the integrated key infrastructural projects that boast of edge-cutting technologies, systems and solutions. It is equipped with the latest software, networking & servers, corporate storage units. The facility is upgradable and expandable to meet future needs, and has also got in place alternative means for all components in a way that ensures the delivery of uninterrupted and quality-assured services.

“The Data Center has been established to safeguard the sensitive technical systems & data and protect it against potential threats, disasters or crises in view of its vitality in hosting all components, elements and projects of the RTA and the Smart Government infrastructure.

Al Tayer further added that the RTA had made considerable progress in the roadmap set for migrating from the e-Government to the Smart Government which envisages the provision of services via mobile phones 24/7. More info

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