Al Tayer opens revamped Knowledge Fair



The exhibition, which runs until next Thursday 12-06-2014, includes an extensive array of distinguished events, and features the participation of national leaders and international experts who will share their leadership experiences in corporate management, and review the best administrative practices in a number of government institutions.

The Knowledge Fair also includes book fairs, and cultural events such as educational & including lectures and cultural & awareness competitions.

Through this exhibition, the RTA aims to diffuse, identify and maximize the benefits of corporate knowledge culture, and ensure the optimal use of knowledge sources in support of decision-making and contribute to ensuring the concept of the cognizant organization.

HE Mattar Al Tayer, accompanied by a number of CEOs of the RTA, toured of the exhibition facilities, where he heeded to a briefing from Abdul Mohsen Ibrahim Younes, CEO of Strategy and Corporate Governance, and Sheikha Al Jarman, Director of Development and Corporate Performance, about the contents of the exhibition, which included a number of pavilions and corners, including Knowledge Economy, which provides visitors with the concepts applicable in the Knowledge Economy, and Digital Customer concept as well as the intellectual property and the intellectual capital.

The National Knowledge Corner 1971 provides basic information about the foundation of the UAE Federation, UAE rulers, and the key leadership figures that contributed to UAE renaissance drive. The Creativity Corner furnishes visitors with the key skills and creative achievements of made by the RTA along with the RTA’s approved creativity strategy. The RTA Smart Services Corner provides comprehensive information about the smart customer services on offer by RTA, and the RTA’s Plan to expand its smart services.

Al Tayer was also briefed on the universities and e-learning pavillion where the RTA employees can learn about the academic programs and graduate studies offered by the participating educational institutions to RTA employees who can join such programs after the working hours. The Experts Corner enables the RTA employees to take advantage of the RTA experts in various disciplines in all sectors and agencies.

The Fair also includes a celebrities court, Expo Corner, Knowledge Cafe, Books Donation Pavilion, IQ Test and Information Challenge which enables visitors to participate in personality tests to measure their professional abilities and skills as well as a Live Training Corner and the RTA Agenda 2014. The Fair also highlights RTA’s initiatives in corporate knowledge such as tacit knowledge transfer methods, e-transformation, and Children’s Corner, which offers educational programs to young people using state-of-the-art technologies in order to disseminate and promote knowledge and culture among children.

Al Tayer was pleased with the mega development in the agenda and contents of the Knowledge Fair, which utilizes smart technologies in disseminating and promoting the concept of knowledge management amongst RTA employees, and contributes to establishing a corporate culture supportive of cognitive sharing, right down to the concept of the cognizant organization. “This Fair comes as part of RTA’s efforts to promote the knowledge culture and benefit from the experiences of government leaders and international experts in uplifting employees’ capacities, improving the quality of productivity, and contributing to instilling the concept of the cognizant organization. It also comes in realization of the RTA knowledge management strategy 2011 – 2014, which includes providing infrastructure supportive of knowledge management, identifying cognitive needs & sources, providing mechanisms & methodologies to utilize knowledge resources, and raising cognitive awareness amongst RTA’s employees.”

For his part, Mr. Abdul Mohsen Ibrahim Younes, CEO of RTA Strategy and Corporate Governance, said: “Organizing the Knowledge Exhibition on an annual basis is an indicative of the success of the previous editions, which have realized the set objectives. The RTA adopts activities & various events related to diffusing knowledge among employees to ensure the optimal use of cognitive resources and support of decision-making in order to contribute to the concept of the cognizant organization.”

“This year, we are keen to organize a unique exhibition different from the two previous editions, by organizing many more distinguished events as regards knowledge and how to improve it, as it epitomizes RTA’s knowledge-oriented drive and the way to acquire such knowledge. It also reflects RTA’s efforts in this respect, given that knowledge has become indispensable to enrich government performance in terms of developing career mind and unleashing cognitive and informational talents,” added the CEO of RTA Strategy and Corporate Governance.

The current edition features a host of lectures, panel discussions, and various events, where the Knowledge Map will be launched, and a lecture about Knowledge Economy will be conducted. Tuesday will witness a panel discussion about the corporate knowledge featuring the participation of Abdul Mohsen Ibrahim Younes; Lieutenant Colonel Mansour Al Gergawi, Director of Knowledge Management at the Dubai Police; Dr. Yousif Al Suwaidi, Advisor of the Director General for Planning and Corporate Performance in Dubai Courts and Engineer Majd Abbasi, Corporate Knowledge Expert. On Wednesday, a lecture entitled ‘Be Formula 1,’ will be delivered by Ali Abdullah Al Naqbi, Pioneer Business Instructor. Winners of the Scientific Research Award which is organized for the second year running, will also be honoured by the Knowledge Exhibition. More info