Al Tayer receives delegation from Kuwaiti Ministry of Interior


    The Chairman of the Board and Executive Director of Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) H.E. Mattar Al Tayer received at RTA Head Office a visiting delegation from the Ministry of Interior in Kuwait headed by H.E. Major General Mahmoud Mohammed Al Dossari, Assistant Undersecretary for Traffic at the Kuwait Ministry of Interior.

    The delegation also included Brigadier Mojham Mushabab Assahli – Assistant Director General for Technical Affairs, Lt. Colonel Mohammed Farraj Al Adwani – Head of Technical Testing Section at Al Jaharaa District, and Mohammed Ahmed Al Kandari – Head of Environment Pollution Control Section at the Ministry.

    At the outset of the meeting, Al Tayer welcomed the visiting Kuwaiti delegation wishing them a great time in the UAE and deriving much benefit from RTA expertise in the fields of infrastructure, public transport systems, traffic, licensing, strategic planning, intelligent systems … etc, and apply them to support sustained development of all sectors in Kuwait.

    Al Tayer said:

    ‘Government of Dubai has spent billions of dirhams to develop road networks and public transport systems in Dubai as evidenced by vital multiple projects delivered in a short time span. Government of Dubai has invested these enormous monies in setting up the infrastructure of Dubai for the coming years, as the infrastructure represents the cornerstone to enhance the advancement and growth opportunities on all fronts.’

    Commenting on RTA business methodology Al Tayer cited three experiments from which RTA made big benefits, ‘We have applied three leading global experiments, the German, Singaporean and Japanese models after revising and customizing them to suit RTA’s needs and serve the vision of Dubai Government.’

    He commented on the relationship between RTA and its agencies; which is governed by the Framework Agreement under which all agencies’ service needs are addressed by RTA service-providing sectors or outsourced to specialized companies.

    ‘Governments have to make massive investments in infrastructure projects due to the critical role played by these projects in boosting the growth of the economy, commerce, industry, tourism and other vital sectors.’ He said that investment in the infrastructure is deemed a pivotal mover in the economies of all countries.

    Al Tayer briefed the Kuwaiti delegation to RTA’s plans and vital projects undertaken in the field of roads, public transport and marine transport. He highlighted key projects and initiatives undertaken in this regard such as Dubai Metro, the Intelligent Traffic Systems, and Automated Fare Collection system (Nol Card) among other schemes intended to enhance integrated multi-modal mass transport in the emirate.

    ‘Heightening traffic awareness is a responsibility that rests on all government and semi-government departments and agencies, as well as private companies and other organizations spanning all sectors of the community. For this purpose RTA is working hand in hand with its strategic partners, such as Dubai Police General HQ, and is making concerted efforts with the UAE Ministry of Interior in this regard,’ said Al Tayer in a final comment.

    For his part, H.E. Major General Mahmoud Mohammed Al Dossari, Assistant Undersecretary for Traffic at the Kuwait Ministry of Interior, hailed RTA efforts and said, ‘RTA has a rich experience and is playing a leading role in boosting the profile of Dubai in the region.’

    Al Dossari was particularly impressed with the dynamic business approach adopted by RTA in all giant projects, such as building road networks and upgrading mass transit systems, and singled out Dubai Metro which he said would make an excellent addition to the legacy of this lively emirate.

    Al Dossari further said, ‘We are delighted to meet with RTA’s executives headed by Chairman of the Board and Executive Director H.E. Mattar Al Tayer, as this meeting is crucial for us to benefit from your rich experience, particularly in the field of traffic and various aspects of licensing. In Kuwait, we are keen on establishing an entity emulating RTA, considering the fantastic substantial results made or being made by RTA in the emirate of Dubai.’

    At the end of the meeting, H.E. Mattar Al Tayer presented a memento to H.E. Major General Mahmoud Mohammed Al Dossari, while the latter dropped a few lines in RTA’s Register of Honour to mark this occasion. The Kuwaiti delegation also visited RTA’s plate numbers factory accompanied by Mr. Ahmed Bahrozyan CEO of Licensing Agency.

    The meeting was attended by representatives of the UAE Ministry of Interior: Colonel Gaith Al Zaabi – Director General of Traffic, and Major Mohammed Khamis Al Siraidi – PR Manager at the Ministry. From RTA were also attending CEO of Licensing Agency Ahmed Bahrozyan and several directors and managers.