Apple Considers Opening a Store in The Dubai Mall



Apple Inc. may soon open a store in Dubai. Sources inside Apple tipped that the management considers opening a brand new mega store at The Dubai Mall. According to insiders, Apple executives have been researching the most popular retail venues in the Middle East and were impressed by the The Dubai Mall’s record-breaking footfall.

Benefits for Apple

Actually, it not surprising that Apple Inc. chose Dubai to be the first city in the Middle East with an Apple store.

Dubai has a strategic location on the business map not only in UAE, but also in the world. It is right in the center of one of the richest region in the world. In addition, it serves as a bridge between the Far East and Europe.

Also, UAE is one of the most economically and politically stable countries in the region.

Let’s not forget that if Apple opens a store in Dubai, it will have a direct access to the enormous MENA market. In that way the company can establish a connection with a market that amounts to more than 380 million people. Therefore, Apple’s choice of location is not accidental.

Benefits for the Dubai Mall

The world’s largest shopping destination, The Dubai Mall, will also benefit from the Apple store. Apple is an iconic brand right now. If the company opens a store in The Dubai Mall it will largely increase its popularity. When Apple’s store in New York opened doors in 2011, it was reported that 4,000 people visited the shop… and that was only before noon! Moreover, there were about 2,500 people queuing in front of the store before it was opened. The Dubai Mall can host much larger number of shoppers and Apple’s success may be even greater. More info