Are Dubai bus stops big enough?


By Majorie van Leijen

Public buses are probably the largest driving objects on city roads. As their drivers seamlessly zip through traffic, they even more skilfully park the large vehicle at the bus stops on the side of the road, from where they should, ideally, form no obstacle to the traffic on the road.

In most cases in Dubai, this seems to go well, but in some places, the layby designated for the bus just does not seem to offer enough space for the bus to drive in smoothly.

“Some of us have experienced this. At some locations in Dubai, it is difficult to park the bus in the right way, because the strip is very small,” narrates a bus driver in Dubai, naming Al Wasl Road as an example.

The problem has not gone unnoticed by road users either. Katrina Revik, a Serbian commuter in Dubai acknowledges: “I sometimes see bus stops where the bus is not entirely parked on the parking area. When a small part of the bus sticks out, this can be very dangerous.” More info