Auction of distinguished licence plates on May 19



Dubai: The Licencing Agency at the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) is all set to release about 125 distinguished vehicle licensing plates comprising 2, 3, 4 and 5-digit number plates through its 76th Open Auction due on May 19.

Registration of interested participants will open on Saturday and will last for one week, said the Director of RTA Vehicles Licensing Mohammed Abdul Karim Nimaat.

“The next auction would offer an array of much sought-after distinctive number plates as they would combine 2 and 3-digit number plates of all codes in addition to 4 and 5-digit plates of code ‘M’,” he said.

“The Agency opted to hold the second open auction this year in response to the wishes of customers who were instrumental for the success of RTA’s future auctions, be it open or online,” he added.

Nimaat said that during the forthcoming open auction, about 125 distinguished numbers will be offered covering all codes highlighted by binary numbers such as (J 14), (K 51), and (I 56), triple digit plates including numbers such as (G 777), (J 200), (J 700), (K 400), (I 900) and (J 500), and four-digit plates, examples of which include (G 7777), (K 2000) and (M 4000), in addition to 5-digit plates such as (K 55555), (K 22222) and K (20000).

“Interested participants in the auction may get registered at Deira Licensing Centre, Main Customer Service Centre, Unified Services Centre (Al Tawar Municipality), and RTA website (,” elaborated Nimaat, adding that registration for the auction would be open up to the day of the auction from 3pm to 5pm.  More info