Authority plans to expand e-services


Staff Report

Dubai: The number of e-services offered by the Roads and Transport Authority has reached 164 (procedural and informational) from 24 in 2007 and 116 last year.


The RTA has achieved 100 per cent transition to e-services in all the services agreed with the Dubai e-Government, a top official has said.

RTA is now considering providing e-services in more areas.

The RTA website received 15 million hits from May to December, with more than 5.5 million pages surfed, including a 37 per cent rise in the number of new visitors.

Mattar Al Tayer, Chairman of the Board and Executive Director of RTA, said: “The RTA website is being linked with the portals of government departments such as Dubai Police and Dubai Municipality, enabling surfers to move instantly to inquire and pay traffic offences online without having to physically move to Police Stations.

Google Maps

“The RTA has also formed a link-up with several other bodies such as insurance companies, and forwarding and courier companies to provide delivery service for driving licences and renewed registration cards.”

Al Tayer said the RTA has uploaded public transport data (such as bus routes, Metro lines and water bus lines) on Google Maps; thus Dubai has become the first city in the Middle East and North Africa to add its public transport data to Google Maps.

This feature will enable public transport users, including residents, visitors and tourists to the emirate, to plan their daily travel in advance through this technology which is accessible to all interested users 24 hours a day.

Al Tayer stated that RTA has launched its Sharekni service enabling workers to form car-pools to and from work.

The website acts as an intermediary between the service users, where they can share a single vehicle, a step which will contribute to cutting congestion and reducing carbon emissions.


The number of registered individuals since the launch of the service in July 2008 has exceeded 140,000.

RTA also launched an employee transportation service with buses, known as Awselni, in June 2008.

This service has attracted 1,719 employees transported in 16 buses and the programme is growing 14 per cent a month.