Baghdad projects funded through 2013 national budget



Development and rehabilitation projects in Baghdad and its suburbs have been allocated 700 billion Iraqi dinars ($602 million) under Iraq’s 2013 budget, Amanat Baghdad officials said Monday (April 8th).

“The Ministry of Planning approved a special budget of 700 billion Iraqi dinars for executing various strategic service projects to develop the capital’s public utilities,” Mohsen Saeed Munshid, director of the mayoralty’s planning and follow-up department, told Al-Shorfa.

“Plans include building bridges, commercial buildings, recreational facilities, sanitation networks and water plants,” he said. Other plans include rehabilitating streets and widening them to reduce current traffic jams as well as projects to protect the environment.

“This is in addition to funding the first phase of the Baghdad metro project,” Munshid said.

“The projects have already been awarded to local, regional and European companies,” he said, adding that officials have drawn up a plan to reduce road blockages as these projects are being executed. More info