Bee’ah to add 50 electric Tesla Semi trucks to its fleet

Second major deal completed with Tesla following Powerpack agreement last year

Bee'ah to add 50 electric Tesla Semi trucks to its fleet

Bee’ah, the UAE-based environmental energy and waste management company, has ordered 50 Tesla Semi trucks.

The purchase will see Bee’ah have the first and largest fleet of Tesla trucks in the Middle East, which are expected to come fitted with Tesla Autopilot that allows semi-autonomous driving on motorways.

Bee’ah said it placed the order immediately after they were launched on November 16 last.

With production of the electric trucks due to begin in 2019, the first delivery is expected in 2020.

Bee’ah, which has a current fleet of over 1,000 vehicles, said the Tesla Semi trucks will primarily be used for waste collection and transportation, including transportation of materials for recovery.

Launched in California by CEO Elon Musk, the new Tesla Semi truck will provide Bee’ah’s with vehicles capable of travelling 805 kilometres on a single charge. Running on battery power, the trucks are guaranteed for 1.6 million kilometres of usable life, while carrying 36,287 kilograms of cargo.

The Sharjah-based firm already has a number of electric vehicles in its fleet, having partnered with some US-based companies specialised in transforming diesel-powered vehicles into electric ones. More

By Neil Halligan