Bentley eyes major rail projects in GCC


By Muzaffar Rizvi

DUBAI — Rail industry is taking shape in the Gulf region and Bentley Systems is actively pursuing major projects including the $40 billion Qatar Railway development to provide its innovative software solutions and services, its top official said.

The US-based company said its software solutions have been actively utilised in most of the rail projects in this region across various project phases, however the firm is willing to offer its products to region’s power generation sector and multi-billion dollar newly developed nuclear industry in GCC.

“Yes, we have already introduced Bentley’s nuclear operations software products in UAE. We are closely working with nuclear companies in UAE and assessing their engineering configuration management requirements. Our response to these will include our AssetWise for Nuclear Operations software products,” Malcolm Walters, chief operating officer and senior vice-president of Bentley System Incorporated, told Khaleej Times in an interview during his recent visit to Dubai.

Bentley is the leading software solution provider to various industries. The company is dedicated to providing architects, engineers, geospatial professionals, constructors, and owner-operators with comprehensive software solutions for sustaining infrastructure. Founded in 1984, Bentley has grown to nearly 3,000 colleagues in more than 45 countries and over $500 million in annual revenues. Since 2003, the company has invested more than $1 billion in research, development, and acquisitions.

Walter said Bentley solutions have been actively utilised in most (if not all) of the rail projects in this region across various project phases – from the early stages of feasibility studies, through planning, preliminary and detailed design, and into construction.

“Our plan is to extend the benefits of Bentley’s rail solution to the operations and maintenance phases as well.” More info