Beware! Those pickpockets in Delhi Metro are women


By Shibaji Roychoudhury Magazine

When one thinks of pickpockets, one would usually imagine a shadylooking fellow, loitering around at a public place eyeing his target.

However, according to the recent data released by the Central Industrial Security Force (CISF), among the total pickpockets nabbed in the Delhi Metro in 2013, 92 per cent of them are women.

The CISF has caught a total of 451 pickpockets from Januray 1 to November 20 this year, out of which 415 are women, whereas only 36 are men. In June, a total of 115 female pickpockets were nabbed as opposed to only one man. In October, 26 female pickpockets were nabbed, while no male sneak thief was caught.

Most of these women are well-educated, well-dressed, carry laptops, backpacks and look like any other commuter, making it extremely difficult to identify them and can only be nabbed in action. More info

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