Biker speeds at 278km/hr on Sharjah highway

The news comes just a day after a car had be caught doing 204km/hr in Ras Al Khaimah.

Biker speeds at 278km/hr on Sharjah highway

A radar caught a motorcyclist speeding at 278 km/hr on a Sharjah highway, where the stipulated speed limit is 120km/hr.

Major Mohammed Al Shehhi, head of the department of traffic investigation and traffic control at Sharjah Police, said that the radar had been installed to detect speeding violation as part of the police efforts to reduce danger posed by some motorists to other road users.

He pointed out that the speed limits on different roads are set after a comprehensive and detailed study based on the number of vehicles and their density on a particular stretch.

He urged all motorists to adhere to specific speeds on the road, abide by traffic rules and regulations, and pay attention to driving to prevent accidents. More info

By Afkar Abdullah