BJP flags 3,400 posters in Metro trains, Cong yet to catch up



For the first time, the Delhi Metro has become an advertising ground for the political parties with BJP racing ahead of its rivals, including Congress, by putting 3,400 posters inside the train coaches so far.

While BJP has already put up the posters carrying its Prime Ministerial candidate Narendra Modi, Congress is yet to step in this new advertising battlefield. According to Delhi metro, about 2.25 lakh people commute by its trains every day.

“Metro is a place to get the best exposure. People of all age groups and classes travel in metro and spend 20-45 minutes
at an average.They can pay attention to what these advertisements read. They are better than placing huge hoardings on road sides,” Sanjay Kaul, a member of Executive Committee and spokesperson for Delhi BJP, said.

He said the party has decided to give Metro commuters a taste of its campaigning and no matter where commuters might look, they cannot miss the 3,400 posters of the party’s prime ministerial candidate.

Eg Communications, the agency to which the DMRC – Delhi Metro Rail Corporation, has outsourced its advertisement space, says that the company had approached all the major parties for advertisements. More info