Carrefour to unveil first outlet at Dubai Metro station



Carrefour has announced plans to open its first ever outlet inside a Dubai Metro station at Union Square this year.

The move is part of UAE’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) plan to expand capacity at stations, reports The National.

Presently, there are 80 companies located inside metro stations, including Enoc Zoom convenience stores, UAE Exchange, Marina Pharmacy and Mashreq. However, they use only 77% of the available retail space, allowing significant room for more shops.

There are a total of 197 retail units on the Green and Red lines with 152 occupied, including 41 Zoom outlets. Additionally, there are 190 locations for ATMs.

JLL retail head Andrew Williamson said: “RTA is trying to get the best mix of tenants, not only for the riders but also to serve the area around the stations as a community centre.

“There is a positive response from the retailers as they see a growth in the ridership in the long term,” Williamson added. More info