Chat with RTA: Salik-free hours on Dubai's Sheikh Zayed Road?


By Bindu Rai

Salik charges continue to drive UAE commuters around the bend, with the road toll‎ emerging as one of the top topics raised by residents in an online, freewheeling chat with the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) of Dubai.

1aThe ‘Chat With RTA’ hour on micro blogging site Twitter finally put to rest the question that’s been on everyone’s mind: Will a Salik-free drive‎ emerge as a future possibility for Sheikh Zayed Road commuters?

The question was raised by several residents, some asking for a possibility of off-peak hours on Sheikh Zayed Road, devoid of toll charges, similar to the policy applied on Al Maktoum Bridge where residents are exempt from Salik charges between 10pm and 6am from Saturday to Thursday and until 9am on Friday.

Other residents also inquired of a possibility of Salik-free Fridays, when commuter traffic is largely limited to weekenders.

However, ‎when quizzed on social media about the off-peak hours on Sheikh Zayed Road and at other Salik tollgates, RTA responded: “Salik is one of the efficient solutions RTA provides based on comprehensive traffic studies. Its gates have been installed at certain points. More info