Classy fashion statements embody the spirit of Dubai


Staff Report

DUBAI: The curtains came down on the series of glamorous fashion shows at Dubai Fashion 2012, the signature fashion event of this year’s Dubai Shopping Festival, amid spontaneous applause from the large audience that was present at the Star Atrium of The Dubai Mall. The last night of fashion shows saw a glittering and fitting finale from three brilliant collections by talented fashion designers.

Giving a dazzling start to the night was GlamOnYou founder and fashion designer Nadine Arton. The fashion house’s collection was witnessed with an outburst of vibrant prints and dazzling colours. It spoke of a savvy brand, which is equally wearable by all ages and traditions, and characterised by beautifully flowing fabrics, colourful prints and elegant draping, essentially making this 30-piece collection an amazing welcome to Spring/Summer 2012.

Sophisticated, cosmopolitan and glamorous, the GlamOnYou ensembles on the runway spoke to the kind of woman who embodies the life and style of the modern Dubai woman, classy, yet down-to-earth. She keeps her eye on trends, but always looks unique; she is independent, flirtatious and sensual.

For her, fashion is a medium for self-expression and a celebration of the feminine form. Ultimately, day or evening, she is always glamorous. While GlamOnYou’s inspiration transcends time and distinct cultural styles; colours inspired by nature are a recurring theme and the collection it presented on Thursday night seemed to be in search of an immersion of the senses that lure to an array of the fashion house’s dazzling prints and a rainbow spectrum from dusky organic hues to bold brilliant bights.

With this outstanding project of Nadine Arton and GlamOnYou, the fashion house has indeed showcased its own unique personality, which could be said to embody the spirit of Dubai.

The Parisian-inspired collection by Rouge Couture followed next on the runway at Dubai Fashion 2012. Known as the “Abaya Engineers,” Rouge Couture is a fashion house managed and established by friends Sara Al Madani and Apple Wang. Together they create a fusion of Arabian and Chinese design, which brings a unique trend and style tailored with class and elegance. Models donned with a luxurious, unique and stylish line of abayas and jalabyas and paired with mysterious masks, made the wardrobe look fun and fierce. More info