Commuters elated about Dubai Metro extension plans


By Majorie van Leijen

The extension of Dubai metro may take a while to materialise. However, metro commuters in the emirate voiced great happiness in anticipation of the new metro coverage.

Dubai Metro
Dubai Metro

The plan, which includes three new metro lines –the Gold, Silver and Purple line- in addition to an extension of the existing red and green line, will connect areas that are currently considered difficult to reach.

In the first phase of the project, an extension of the Green Line will connect Academic City to Jadaf. The Purple Line will run parallel to Emirates Road, while the Blue Line will run parallel to Dubai Bypass Road. The Gold Line will provide two entrees deep into Dubai Land, to locations which were previously only accessible by personal transportation.

“It is definitely great news as this means more connectivity. There are areas like Jumeirah and Mirdiff where commuters still need to take the bus, which means more time spent commuting. If the new lines cover such places traveling will be more convenient and fun,” comments Neesha Kapoor, a frequent metro commuter. More info