Cook denies filming women’s private parts on Metro


By Bassam Za’za’, Legal and Court Correspondent

Dubai: A cook has been accused of secretly filming the private parts of women travelling on the Dubai Metro.

Prosecutors accused the 28-year-old Pakistani cook, B.S., of sexually molesting an unidentified number of unknown women by taking footage of their private parts without their knowledge.

He was said to have breached the privacy and modesty of the women and taking the footage against their will.

“That was not true. I took video footage with some friends at random. I did not zoom in at women’s tops or bottoms, but I took footage of men and women haphazardly. I was taking videos of general views,” argued B.S. when he defended himself before the Dubai Court of First Instance.

An Omani policeman, who was posted at Al Rashidiya Metro Station, testified that a woman claimed to him that she spotted a Pakistani man taking photos of women’s private parts on the Metro. More info