Cooperation of taxi customers to find their lost items



The Dubai Taxi Corporation (DTC), Roads & Transport Authority, (RTA) called upon the public and visitors to cooperate in safeguarding their belongings & personal items when boarding taxicabs in a bid to minimize the number of complaints made and accordingly attain customers satisfaction in line with its vision of: Pioneers of Passenger Transport Services.

“The DTC is tracking all complaints made by customers on daily basis through the online Customers Relations Management (CRM) System, and submitted either through RTA Call Center (800 9090), DTC website (, or RTA website (,” said Mansour Al Falasi, Director of Resources and Support, and Head of Complaints & Suggestions Committee at Dubai Taxi Corporation.

“In case of filing any complaint, the client has to provide us with the Side Number of the vehicle, along with some details about the trip such as the time, place and fare in order to exactly identify the driver concerned. After registering the complaint in the CRM system, it is referred to the Investigations Bureau; which is fitted with sophisticated systems to verify the complaint, and accordingly contact the client and summon the cabdriver for investigation about the circumstances of the complaint in the light of investigations made. In case the complaint is verified, the penalties provided for in DTC’s regulations will be implemented.

The complaint will be entered in the system and the client will receive a text notification that the complaint will be signed off within a period not exceeding 7 working days. In most cases unsatisfied customers will be contacted by phone to know more about their dissatisfaction with various elements of services. Their complaints, along with specimen of their recorded calls, will be presented to groups of cabdrivers in the Training Center in order to communicate to them the viewpoints of our customers such that they will learn lessons from errors made and seek to avoid their recurrence in future.

“DTC has a number of measures and policies in place as regards Lost & Found items of passengers on board taxicabs. Cabbies are directed that in case of finding any lost items to drive immediately to the nearest police station from the drop-off point of the customer and hand over the items found on board to the policemen. The driver has to collect a police report and submit it to DTC Customer Service Office at the Dubai International Airport (Terminal 3); which is working round-the-clock. Drivers are also directed to ensure that customers are reminded to take all their belongings before leaving vehicles and ensure that there are no items belonging to customers are left behind on board after the end of each trip,” he continued.

The Director of DTC Resources and Support further added: “The DTC is keen on delivering high-quality excellent services through a fleet comprising 3504 vehicles offering a variety of taxi services to customers, such as the Airport Taxi, Hatta Taxi, Ladies & Families Taxi, Special Needs Taxi, Honest Hands Taxi, VIP Taxi, and Car Rental Services in addition to the ordinary taxicabs. More than 8129 cabdrivers of various nationalities are employed to run the taxi service 24/7 on shift basis. The DTC is keen on providing a comprehensive training to cabbies to empower them deliver quality services to the public and passengers. It urges them to make more efforts in discharging their duties in a distinguished manner and accordingly contribute to the success and progress of both the RTA and DTC, and enhance the service offering in a way befitting the global outlook of Dubai Emirate.

“We invite all customers to visit our website (; which comprises information & details of our various services & facilities as well as initiatives & projects launched by the DTC in a bid to raise customers satisfaction rating. Our clients can also submit suggestions, inquiries and complaints through the Call Center (800 9090) where each case will be dealt with in an independent manner and the DTC will give utmost attention to responding to the customer on time.

“We also welcome suggestions of our customers and share their views with us. All suggestions and ideas made will be studied in a scientific methodology built on well-defined standards revolving around the extent of benefit drawn from the suggestion in boosting customers satisfaction, the smooth applicability of the suggestion, its financial repercussions, and the cost of implementing it  through the DTC’s Complaints and Suggestions Committee. We will respond to customers and communicate to them the results of their suggestions,” said Al Falasi in a concluding remark. More info