Crackdown on driving centres


Staff report

DUBAI — The Monitoring and Enforcement Department, Licensing Agency, Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) carried out several inspection campaigns in 2011 targeting driving and vehicle testing centers in Dubai to ensure their compliance with the laws and regulations relating to both technical and training matters.

Ahlam Al Feel, Director of Monitoring and Enforcement at RTA’s Licensing Agency said, “Through its specialised team, the Department has been working continuously over the past year to achieve its vision: “Excellence in Monitoring and Enforcement,” by launching large-scale inspection campaigns on various installations. It was accompanied by a variety of awareness programmes and training lectures for these entities to identify the obstacles that hinder the implementation of the plans.

In a related context, Al Feel pointed out the total number of offences and violations reported by the Department last year during its crackdowns reached 1,108 offences pertinent to the respective fields of specialty, be it technical or training matters. She stressed that last year the coverage percentage in the inspection areas increased to reach 100 per cent in several sectors. —