Customers Council holds interactive public session themed Chat with RTA



The Customers’ Council of the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) in Dubai has recently held a session via Twitter entitled “Chat with RTA,” which was extremely popular and generated considerable response from a wide spectrum of community members of various nationalities.

2Over two hours, a significant number of clients have expressed suggestions, feedbacks and ideas about a host of services provided by RTA via direct tweets with the Chairperson and members of Customers’ Council.

Mohammed Obaid Al Mulla, RTA’s Member of the Board of Executive Directors and Chairperson of Customers’ Council praised the huge interaction and attention shown by those who engaged in direct debates with RTA. He commended their keenness to engage in discussions for improving the services offered by RTA to the public including residents, visitors and tourists coming to the Emirate from all parts of the globe.

“RTA is always keen on bringing happiness to customers and beneficiaries of its services, and spares no efforts in raising their satisfaction by heeding to their views and aspirations. RTA is seeking to make mobility aboard public transport means an enjoyable daily experience marked by convenience and security through these advanced and accurate transit modes,” said Al Mulla.

“Chat with RTA” initiative, which is held for the second time, is the first initiative of its kind across public departments. The gist of the initiative revolves around holding interactive sessions with the Customers’ Council, and engaging in direct tweets with service recipients through instant messaging via Twitter; an additional channel for reaching the public and screening their views & suggestions, besides providing instant responses to their inquiries.”

“Over two hours, the Customers’ Council has dealt with 67 tweets relating to a number of RTA’s services pertaining to traffic, roads, taxis, NOL cards, parking, public buses, metro, tram and licensing among others.”

“In view of the successes of this experience for the second time, and the strong interaction from various community members of different nationalities, RTA would hold Customers’ Council sessions via Twitter on a certain timetable to be announced through Twitter. Most participants praised this unique session and the transparent attitude shown by the Council in tackling various cases. Certain topics relating to specific services would be discussed via Twitter on the same manner practiced in the ordinary sessions of the Customers’ Council,” continued Al Mulla.

“RTA is always keen on interacting with views, feedbacks and complaints of public transport riders and service beneficiaries in a quick manner through the Customers’ Council and other interactive channels in a way befitting its social image as a leading service entity in Dubai and the UAE.”

“The ordinary Customers’ Council would continue holding regular sessions at RTA’s Head Office and other parts of Dubai in accordance with the timeline in place,” added Al Mulla.

Concluding his speech, Al Mulla praised all those who took part in the session via Twitter and paid tribute to their effective contributions and positive ideas. He noted that such valuable efforts would play a vital role in improving the various services provided by RTA’s agencies and sectors around-the-clock. More info