Customers Council reviews service delivery channels



In its 39th gathering with customers, the Customer Council of the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) examined the service delivery channels along with mechanism in place in delivering the entire RTA’s services in order to share ideas with a view to leveraging the business flow and realizing the best possible results.

To this effect the Council convened in RTA’s Auditorium in the presence of RTA Board Member Mohammed Obaid Al Mulla, and the Director of Customer Service Ahmed Mahboob along with scores of external customers among users of RTA’s service channels.

Al Mulla underlined the importance of communication between officials & customers in order to exchange views and suggestions that contribute to improving RTA’s customer service experience. The RTA boasts of multiple service channels acting as a communication link with external customers, aimed primarily to streamline & simplify procedures and save customer time & efforts by processing their transactions in a speedy and handy fashion. Therefore, the Customer Council is always keen on meeting customers of affiliated agencies and sectors in the context of realizing RTA’s vision of “Safe and Smooth Transport for All” by working hand in hand towards enhancing RTA’s initiatives, regulations and development projects in the field of roads and transit means.

During the meeting, a visual presentation was delivered highlighting RTA’s diverse service delivery channels including RTA’s website as well as its Facebook, YouTube and Twitter accounts in addition to Customer Service Centers, Call Center (8009090), smart-phone applications, complaints & suggestions boxes, e-mails (, and the open-door policy. The Call Center receives approximately 5,300 calls per day from customers comprising inquiries, observations, comments and suggestions related to RTA’s sectors and agencies.

The presentation also shed light on RTA’s 7 customer service centers in Dubai, and pointed out that the overall portfolio of services rendered by the RTA amount to 206 services out of which service centers offer around 127 services, and the average daily number of transactions handled is about 2,600 transactions. Service centers offer a variety of ancillary services such as printing services, hotline, children’s corner, bookshop, transaction clearance section for people with disabilities and another one for women, in addition to an insurance office.

The visual presentation also touched on the mechanism applicable in customer care transactions and ways to address it, starting from the customer communication with the RTA, transaction registration, coordination with the relevant Agency and finishing with notifying the client of the solution and signing off the transaction.

Discussions were then started between RTA officials and customers who proposed a string of positive views and suggestions towards the improvement of service delivery channels. A suggestion highlighted the need to erect roadside directional signs all over the Emirate of Dubai showcasing phone numbers of customer service centers and the services they offer in order for the public to have a better grasp. Another suggestion called for deploying Nol Cards top-up machines at Nahda bus station.

A customer called for reconsidering the age restriction on NOL Blue cards, as there is a large segment of students of older age such as post graduates, who are also entitled to the 50% discount. One of the attendees commended Wojhati system, describing it as effective & user-friendly for mass transit users in planning their daily trips in advance, and suggested deploying touch-screen of the system in commercial centers and other areas in the Emirate of Dubai.

Some customers called for boosting the speed and connection of the internet at some metro stations due to recurrent network interruptions.

At the end of the gathering, Mohammed Obaid Al Mulla hailed the efforts of customers who are keen on maintaining constant communication with the RTA and putting forward constructive ideas and suggestions to upgrade the services in line with the aspirations of various community segments. More info